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I have decided that I need to learn how to cook.  With this website I hope to document how long it takes "the average unexperienced cook" with a well stocked kitchen to prepare a dish that not only tastes good, but holds up well as a reheated meal so that I don't have to cook every single evening!

I am fortunate enough to be married to someone who is an excellent cook and some of the recipes and meals that will be published on this site have she has prepared hundreds, if not thousands of times, with consistent results.  Now it's my turn to learn the trade.


The primary focus will be on foods that are simple to prepare.  I will share with you the kinds of foods that my family has eaten on a regular basis because we really, really like them and you probably will too.   The recipes for these simple meals often don't require many ingredients, however, some may have that one spice or special creative twist that makes the dish just that much better.   Competent cooks will soon be able to simply make them without even consulting the cookbook.   I will document how long it takes me, The New Cook In Town, to prepare these dishes.  Time permitting, I will also try to estimate what the meal costs - eating in restaurants is fun, but eating at home is going to save you lots of time and money.


Although cooking a fresh "from scratch" recipe is hugely rewarding, there are also going to be some times when you just don't feel like cooking, so we will have suggestions for what to do to when you just want something to eat in a hurry.  There will even be a few recommendations for frozen food that tastes good and isn't unreasonably priced.  Finally, there will be recipes in here that take a little more work, but are well worth the effort.


I will also share a bit of information about the tools that help me to get the job done.  If you don't have these things, cooking good meals is still possible, but it's always nice to save time.  Panini makers, bread machines, barbecues, mixers - they are all valuable tools of the trade. And sometimes even the simplest thing, such as plastic cutting boards or well made spatulas can help to improve the process.


Of course, there are lots of other Smarties out there and this website is open to your ideas as well.  I encourage  you to register, sign in, add your own recipes, and make comments on the ones we've posted.  Share your secret techniques and please do feel free to add your own recipes, especially if they are simple to prepare and have been something that you prepare regularly to keep you and your family eating well with the least amount of effort possible.




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